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Bikes for
fun city

Easy and quick. Rent, ride, return.

Start riding

Registration in 2 minutes.
Ride is just for ~0.9€

You will pay with the card in the app. In Prague each 30min cost 24 Kč. Other cities could have diferent price. More about Plans and pricing

Improving the transport of

In 7 years,
250 000
users have been with us

Escape the crowds and enjoy Prague like a local!

❝ The park was absolutely gorgeous, and the ride by the river so easy going, relaxed and full of glimpses into the Prague life that make the experience unforgettable

Jane Laskin

Rent pink bikes just with mobile app

No deposit or ID needed!

Install the Rekola app
to find and unlock up to 2 bikes

Ride anywhere for less than
1 EUR (24 CZK) per 30/min

End rental within pink area
marked in the app

Pay as you go

Easy pricing: 24 CZK per 30min.

I will ride for 30 minut

Bike rental is for 0.9 € (24 Kč)

We offer 24h rent for ~9 € (250 Kč) as well. You can buy it in the application.

Detailed pricing

Ride anywhere,
park in the designated area

It's marked as pink area in the app.
Park your bike in normal bike racks (P), Rekola don't use bike stations

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