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Rent affordable pink bikes,
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Discover outdoor and less
turistic spots in Prague

❝ The park was absolutely gorgeous, and the ride by the river so easy going, relaxed and full of glimpses into the Prague life that make the experience unforgettable

Jane Laskin

Rent pink bikes just with mobile app

No deposit or ID needed!

Install the Rekola app
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Ride anywhere for less than
1 EUR (24 CZK) per 30/min

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marked in the app

Pay as you go

Fist 15 min is free for first 10 rides.
Then 24 CZK per 30min.

I will ride for 15 minut

Bike rental is for free

We offer 24h rent for 10 EUR (250 CZK) as well.
You can buy it in the application.

Ride anywhere,
park in the designated area

It's marked as pink area in the app.
Park your bike in normal bike racks (P), Rekola don't use bike stations

Czech out the bike routes :)

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