Free self-guided
Port Bike Route

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Discover Vltava riverside. Easily start right from the city centre, get some amazing views of Prague Castle and enjoy local outdoor pub Port 18600. Full itinerary →

Tips before you go

Get a bottle of water and some Czech crowns so you can buy some lemonade or beer later on :)

Start in the city centre - at tram or metro stop Staroměstská.

1 Find a pink bike around Rudolfinum

There are usually bikes around stop Staroměstská, or just look bikes up via the Rekola app.

2 Cycle safely by the riverside

The bike path starts right behind Rudolfinum building and continues by the riverside, away from cars.

3 Have a look at Štvanice Island

One of Prague river islands, home of skate park or cultural space and cafe Vila Štvanice.

4 Stop and relax at Port 18600

Amazing outdoor space with a bar, grills and sports grounds that locals love :)

5 Explore further!

There's definitely a lot more to see - just continue the bike path!

If you have other plans, head back to the city centre. Find a bike rack (P in the app), lock the bike with combination lock & end rental via Rekola app.

Get a bike and have fun!

And don't forget to let us know how was your trip :)
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