About Rekola

From community project to European bikesharing

Rekola started as a community project in Czech republic in 2013. People donated old bikes they didn’t used any more, community repaired them and offered them to everybody via Rekola mobile app.

We learnt a lot since then and grew into a proper bikesharing company with reliable service in 9 cities across 3 EU countries.

But we still like to do non-profit activities: teach people how to safely cycle in cities with almost no bike infrastructure among cars or arranging workshops where people can exchange old bikes or learn how to repair them with provided tools.

Test trial in Vaasa

In cooparation with student unions Rekola arranged a test trial for a semester here in Vaasa. We want to help university students and locals with transportation around the city. Because bike is the fastest way to get around.

The operation costs will be covered from fees from single rides and memberships, we're not financially supported by the city. But we plan to share data about popular routes with city planning department.

We'd also like to add more bikes and expand the returning area in the next year if the bikesharing becomes popular in the upcoming months.

with student union 

with student union

Running on recycled and new bikes from european parts

In some cities we still run on recycled old bikes donated by local people but we also use new bikes, built from european parts in Prague.

The bikes used in Vaasa will be a mix of new and repaired old ones. We want to tackle the problem that there are lots of unused bikes around the city. Mostly leftovers from exchange students who bought bike but left without getting chance to sell them as they return back home.

Looking for a partnership

We're looking for a partner that would partly sponsor the operation and help us make it better.

In Czech republic there is a mutually benefical deal with HelloBank that covers first 15 minutes of each ride so our users have most of their rides for free. In exchange for advertisement on the bikes. And we'd like to arrange something similar for the people of Vaasa. More accessible bikesharing = less bike clutter and cars in the streets.

Are you interested in sustainable mobility? Founder of Rekola bikesharing is in Vaasa for the trial period. So you can email him at vitek.jezek@rekola.cz and set a meeting. Thank you!

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