Give your old bike
a new life

Why old bikes?

We want to make biking more available: for exchange students, tourists or even locals who need to do some errands but left their bike at home.

To do that, we need to cover the city area with enough available bikes. We are starting the trial with new bikes built in Prague but we would like to add even older bikes from Vaasa. And we need help with finding them.

By doing this we want to declutter the city from old unused bikes in a sustainable way.

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How can you help?

Have an old but working bike
you don’t use anymore?

Or do you know about somebody? We can fix small problems like flat tire. But we won't have resources to fix really damaged ones.

Bring your old bike
to our workshop

In Vaasa we collect and repair bikes on Vuorikatu 18 F (VOAS building) in Vaasa. If you have problem with transportation of the bike, we can help.

Get a bikesharing membership & name the bike in return

Based on the bike condition, you will get up to 3 months of free bike rental. You can use it or give it to someone else. You can even choose the name for the bike, which will be showed in the application.

What happens next?
We will...

Repair the bike
and add necessities

We will check the bike and repair its issues and add missing things like lock, bell, lights etc.

Mark it
as shared bike

Bike will get a pink sticker with unique number and other details so people can easily recognise it from private ones on the street.

Make it available
for anyone via Rekola app

Anyone with registration will enjoy the bike when it's added to the bikesharing system

...and of course the bike will be regularly checked and repaired if needed

Where/when can I bring the old bike?

Best would be get the bike to our wokrshop (Vuorikatu 18 F), or we could get the bike from your location. In both cases please fill the form about the bike and we will contact you.

Thank you!