Where and when is possible to rent a bike?

In Vaasa you can rent Rekola bikes 24/7 from Wednesday 29. 8. 2018. Pick them up and in the end return in this area.

During your rental, you can bike and park in bike racks anywhere in the city. When ending your rental, the bike must be returned in the pink zone shown on map.

Pink zone and parking

Rekola are station-less bikesharing. So just park and lock the rented bike in normal bike racks around the city.

Zone is designated area in the city where bikes can be returned. It's marked as pink area in the app. If you return your bike outside the zone, you will be charged 30 EUR for bike relocation.

No worries, app will tell you in advance to move the bike inside the pink zone so you don't pay anything extra.

Reporting a problem with a bike

Is there a problem with a bike that needs fixing? Please report it via the Rekola mobile app and we will look into it.

Open the app, tap on the bike icon in the map (the one you wish to report) and open its detail. Then tap "Report problem" and describe the problem.

You can also report any problem while renting a bike or just after returning it.

Thank you for helping us keep all the bikes working and reliable!

Rent up to 2 bikes at once

For your friends or partner. Just rent your first bike, then tap the big pink button again and enter the bike number from the second bike frame.

You can swipe between the bikes you have just rented to see their lockcodes. You can tell them appart by their number and name under the lockcode.

Returning is easy as well. Just return your first bike and then repeat the process with other bikes.

How to pay for rides?

Just verify your card after registration in the app (via payment gateway).

You will need to pay 1 cent (we will refund it) at the begining to verify your card for future payments (rides, bike reservations etc.).

Payment gateway accepts all common debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

You will find all payments for your rides in ride history - tap bell icon in the right top corner to see it.

Bike reservation

You can reserve any available bike so no one else can rent it in that time. Open Rekola app, tap the bike wish to reserve and tap the "Reserve bike" button.

Reservation is for 0.5 EUR and lasts 15 minutes.

How do I get student discount?

We currently cooperate with the biggest student unions VYY and VAMOK. They should provide you with a voucher for a student discount. We can (randomly) check if you are really studying.

If you are from diffrent school / university and want discount - ask your student union (or school, if you dont have student union), so they could contact us directly.

Voucher activation

If you got a voucher for Rekola, tap "Redeem a voucher" via menu in the mobile app.

Then enter your code and activate it with "Continue".

I want to help you in Vaasa!

Thats great! We need multiple things: voluntiers, who will help us with the bikes (we will be happy to provide them riding for free); old bikes from the people; for ~once a week car for grab some bikes; companies to cooperate with and so on! Please, fill this form and we will keep in touch.

What does the name Rekola mean?

We started our bike-sharing with recycled bikes which were donated by people who didn't needed them any more (RE as recycled and KOLA as bikes in Czech, therefore REKOLA).

Need more help?

Please contact our customer care team (in English) via
vaasa@rekola.eu, Messenger or +358 646 041 611 (10am till 7pm)