Meet the pink bikes

Rent a bike anytime you want. Ride for as long as you need. Then lock it anywhere within the designated area for the next rider. This is proper bikesharing!

Like it? We are Rekola - biggest bikesharing in Czech Republic. And we are expanding to Spain now. If you like us, give us your feedback and bring us to your city!

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No deposit or paperwork

Instant access 24/7

Pay as you go

Flexible parking

Enjoy the true freeedom of bikesharing

Rekola is revolutionary by not relying on bike stands. Simply find the nearest bike in the app, unlock it and leave it locked to any fence in the area when you finish. Now you don’t have to search for a stands which are usually too far away from your destination.

8 european cities,
100 000 users

❝ Don't have to worry about taking my own bike in the middle of the night when I go have some fun at Barceloneta beach. Love it!

—Salma Vega

❝ I like to bike on the pink bikes with my classmates to Pompeu Fabra University. No more waiting for busses.

—Carlos González

Our story

We started in 2013 in Prague with idea that every city deserves its own bikesharing. Easy to use, friendly, with no restriction and with low initial costs. Our goal is to improve quality of life and allow you to enjoy the city while staying in shape.

We are looking for a help

No matter if you are manually skilled or good at organizing stuff. We are always looking for talented people to work with.

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